We are Uganda’s Leading Container Conversions Company specializing in a wide range of unit modifications of all sizes.

Container Offices

We have long been market leaders in shipping container office conversions, creating bespoke conversions for customers.

Container Homes

At Glorious Container Conversions LTD, we build secure, beautiful and affordable accommodation units with all the basic facilities of a modern home.

Container Cladding

We are the industry leading experts in providing high quality, visually appealing cladding of shipping containers.

Ablution Containers (TOILETS)

At Glorious Container Conversions LTD, we build Affordable, durable and hygienic ablution facilities.

Container Computer Laboratory

We are the industry leading experts in setting up container computer labs for schools, NGOs among others.

Pop Up Container Restaurant

Contact us no to get a converted container that is perfect portable, secure base for cooking, serving food & beverages at outdoor events, festivals.

We convert containers for a wide range of uses, our team is made up of a number of professionals that ensure to meet any requirement.


Container Valuation & Buybacks

Wondering what the Price of a New or Used Container is? Or you want to sell/buy a container?

At Glorious Container Conversions, If a customer no longer requires any units, we can either buy them back or resell them on the customer’s behalf.
Cut out middleman markups and get the best price by inquiring with us.
Don’t get cheated

Container Commissioning & Erection

Our dedicated team of experienced staff provides a complete on-site erection and commissioning service for all our products.
At Glorious Container Conversions, we’re happy to customize containers to meet clients’ specific needs. We’re experts at preparing containers for a range of purposes, from offices to event spaces, kitchens and ablution blocks.
We guide you on your next container buy, further design it to serve the purpose

Container Refurbishment & Repairs

Our experienced maintenance team can repair and refurbish units on request.
Is your Container House or office developing leakages, or the floor needs attention? We offer full fledge repair services and maintenance works to ensure that you continue to enjoy the comfort of container units.
At Glorious Container Conversions we have a team of experts, that identify and fix any issues with your container, We are a call away.

Comprehensive Freight Solutions

Glorious Container Conversion (U) Ltd offers a comprehensive range of domestic and international freight forwarding services for all our product lines for delivery almost anywhere in Africa.
To complement this service, Glorious Container Conversion (U) Ltd operates an in-house transport division to provide speedy delivery & minimize the risk of damage to leased and purchased units.
We also relocate units as a standard component of our services.

We are very good at what we do. From acquiring quality containers with all the necessary paperwork, shipping, transportation and handling.